Business Executive Survey

To Do: intro paragraph.

1. What are your 3 main  concerns?
2. What industry are you in?
3. How many employees do employ?
4. How much of a decrease in business has your company experienced with COVID-19?
5. How much of a decrease in business do you expect your company to experience in the next 60 - 90 days?
6. What are the 3 main keys to ensure your company continues during the COVID-19 challenge?
7. What would be the 3 main comments you would want the municipal / provincial / federal governments to know about your situation that they could work with you on?
8. At what point, if any, will you start to experience financial distress given your current business challenges?
9. Has the business had to reduce it workforce and if so, what reduction has it experienced due to COVID-19?
10. How small can the business's workforce be reduced until the business cannot function properly?
11. In order for your business to continue operating, what expenditure is required monthly on average for:
12. What are the top 5 business/industries that depend on your companies services?
13. Do you require financial aid to invest in your companies virtual capabilities to allow your workforce to work from home or to expand/increase your work from home infrastructure:
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