Case Studies

Below are a few of our recently completed projects that outline the wide range of involvement of the Nikolov team.


The Nikolov team has also been involved in a number of Canada-wide conferences and movements. As an example, our work with Canada Career Month 2018 was a wide ranging exercise directed at generating a conversation around CCM2018's theme: I Know I Can Because. 


Our work included the following: 


  • The design and operation of an English and French Language website for the official theme

  • The outreach and creation of a Champions Committee for CCM2018

  • The design and launching of a new "I Know I Can Because" Pledge

  • The design and operation of the official CCM2018 Resource Database. 



The Nikolov team was brought on by The University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering to act as the Outreach and Planning Agent for their Workplace Harassment Toolkit.


This Toolkit will benefit Engineering students by introducing them to a framework of actions, roles, and responsibilities that are related to any workplace harassment incident, all-the-while assisting managers with their own investigations.

In creating the Toolkit, Nikolov had organized and hosted a Workshop of 30 important stakeholders. The result? The creation of six separate Harassment Frameworks and an original definition, both of which were instrumental to the design of the final Workplace Harassment Toolkit.


The Nikolov team was heavily involved as the Digital agent for a number of Candidates during the Municipal Election 2018. Special care was taken to avoid any conflict, and Candidates were chosen based on the coordination of their values with our Corporate constitution.


As part of this work, Nikolov designed websites, managed Social Media channels and campaigns, created and distributed printed materials, and was part of the communication team for each of the Campaigns.

Nikolov continues to be the Communication Specialist for the successful candidates, joining their team for the four-year term.

Long Term Partnerships: Digital Presence

The Nikolov team is also involved in a long-term partnerships with not-for-profits and private firms, acting as their Digital Presence and Communications agent on a number of fronts. 

A recent example, presented in the image, is the Transitions Canada Coalition, a new non-for-profit that is looking to change the way Canadian youth is being educated and prepared for life after school. 

As part of this ongoing effort, our team at Nikolov is involved in continuing maintenance of TCC's digital presence, their website, and their Newsroom. In addition to that, TCC and Nikolov have a close working relationship related to Outreach, Communication and many other facets related to the not-for-profit. 


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