Bridging the gap between analytical rigor and strategic goals.

Because evidence-based transportation planning only occurs when the analysis leads to better strategic decisions.

Experience. Innovation. Strategic knowhow.

What makes us unique? It is our unparalleled multidisciplinary approach and holistic view of the process that allows us to understand how every current step will impact what comes next, and with that advise you to a more positive outcome. We combine our years of rigorous experience with our innovative frameworks and tools to answer the questions of today but also better prepare you for the uncertainties of tomorrow.


The characteristics of our Cities are changing, and so are the people living within them. Transportation planners and the projects they work on must be flexible enough to meet the demands of today, as well as the forces of tomorrow. With our past experiences on major projects, as well as our in-depth insight into the disruptive forces of today, we can help you better understand and plan the infrastructure of tomorrow.


Don't take our word on it though. Check out some of our experiences below and see for yourself.


Traffic and Ridership Analysis

Business Case Analysis

Development Applications and Area Mobility Studies

Transportation Project Management

Innovative Transportation Analysis Framework

Time-intensive, complicated, manual data analysis

Instantaneous, interactive, and easy to use framework giving you access to full dataset

Innovation. An easy word to say, but a truly difficult thing to accomplish. Innovation in our transportation analysis approaches is necessary, especially with the disruptive forces that are now in the not-too-distant future. 


So what do you do? Collect more data? create more powerful forecast algorithms? Yes, maybe. However, at Nikolov we think that the very first step is to innovate how we better and more quickly understand what the data we already have is telling us, and how it connects to our strategic goals. Until our analysis becomes more accessible and understandable, we will continue having the issues we are having today.


That is why we created an instantaneously interactive transportation analysis framework that allows for all of our data to be more easily accessed and used. The results:


  • Analysts are able to more quickly analyze datasets for underlying stories, insights, and trends

  • Decision makers are able to easily understand how the data connects to a strategic storyline

  • Agencies can show the general public how data was used and gain their trust

Think this could be applied to your project? Contact us below for a demo of our tool and how it can be applied to your area.



Below are some of the projects that our team has been involved in and learned from. These are the lessons and experiences we apply to solve your questions. 


  • SmartTrack Options Analysis

  • Eglinton West and East Business Case Analysis

  • Scarborough Subway Planning 

  • Relief Line South Options Analysis

  • Relief Line North Concept Planning

  • TTC Line 1 Demand Analysis

  • Yonge Subway Extension Planning Study

  • East Harbour GO Station Planning and Design


  • City of Toronto Regional Model Development, Calibration, and Application

  • Micromodelling: Unilever Precinct Traffic Study

  • Metrolinx Regional Model Comparisons

  • Building custom backend tools for EMME Modelling Framework

  • Proprietary and Innovative tools on Visualization of Traffic and Transportation Data.


  • 21 Don Valley Pkwy Development Application  (East Harbour Development with proposed 50,000 Employees)

  • City of Toronto Development Charges By-Law Background Study (2018)

  • Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan

  • Midtown in Focus (OPA405)

Project Management and Delivery

  • King Street Pilot Project (City of Toronto)

  • Metrolinx Fare Integration Policy

  • GTHA-wide Cordon Count Data Collection Program

  • City of Toronto OPA231 Update

  • Finch West Goods Movement Strategy

Let's talk further.

To do good Infrastructure Planning, you have to be passionate about it. You have to love discussing it, debating it, and learning every possible perspective about it. 


What we love about the field is that there is no black and white. Every answer is a right answer, and yet not an ideal one. It is about finding the one that fits in the context. 


If you are passionate about it as well, we would love to hear from you and introduce ourselves. Use the form on the right, and we will surely be in touch! 

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