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Data Mining, Visualization and Model Development

Digital Presence and Programming Solutions 

Strategy Development


Transportation Infrastructure and its planning is where we started. We bring an unparalleled multidisciplinary and holistic view of the process. We know the problems you will face and can provide you appropriate solutions to overcome them.


Our Group provides an unique understanding of the planning and conceptual design of transportation projects of all shapes and sizes. From the initial planning and scoping to the technical analysis and implementation, it is our end-to-end understanding of these projects that helps us anticipate potential problems and, with that, plan for innovative solutions that can allow for a successful conclusion.

Our Expert Services: 

  • Development applications

  • Business Case Analysis

  • Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Area Specific Mobility Studies

  • Public Engagement

  • Freight and Goods Movement 


  • Macro and Micro Modelling

  • Ridership Analysis

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Origin-Destination Studies 

  • Fare Policy and Implementation

  • Project Management and Consulting

Some Projects our Experts have worked on in their careers:

  • Unilever Precinct and First Harbor Development Application

  • Fare Integration Policy for Metrolinx

  • Relief Line South Planning

  • Yonge Subway Extension and Line 1 Demand Studies

  • City of Toronto Development Charges By-law

  • Relief Line North Concept Planning

  • City of Toronto Transit Plan 2031

  • Finch West, Midtown, and Scarborough Town Center Masterplans

  • SmartTrack Options Analysis


In the era of Big Data, we are the team that can bridge the analytical and the visionary. We search for the answer, and then present it in a way that adds real and tangible value to your Organization. 


Our Group takes a unique approach to data mining and visualization, one that is centered around storytelling and answer-seeking. We apply our well-versed technical knowledge to the dataset and then look at it with our strategic eye to understand how to best mine and present it. Simply put, we take a messy and confusing treasure chest and extract from it an answer that takes your Organization closer to its ultimate vision.

When we develop our statistical models or program our computer tools, we keep one thing in mind: what is the purpose this is serving. By applying that filter on our technical work, we are able to bridge the gap between the newest state-of-the-art technical processes and the strategic end use of those tools.

Our Expert Services: 

  • Large Dataset Mining and Analysis 

  • Social Media Mining 

  • Data Visualization Tools

  • Interactive Web-based Dashboards

  • Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Macro Travel Demand Models

  • Road-Safety Models

  • Excel-based Standalone Models

  • Model Validation and Implementation

Examples of Datasets and Models our Experts have Worked With:

  • Transportation Tomorrow Survey (GTHA Travel Demand)

  • Twitter API Mining: Spatial and Socio-economic Data

  • Facebook API Data Mining

  • GTHA Cordon Count Data Program

  • Travel Characteristics Survey Data

  • City of Toronto's Travel Demand Model: GTAModel V4

  • Trip Generation and Mode-Choice Transportation Models 

  • EMME Modelling Framework


The growing trend of programming knowledge and digital dependency brings with it a warning of misuse. We focus on the purpose of the project, and find a solution that fits the context. 


The digital space that your business lives in is the first impression that you make on many of your customers, especially today. This makes the design and effectiveness of that space incredibly important for the eventual success of your business or Organization. Be it web-design and social media presence, or programming new and proprietary digital tools for your team and your customers, our Experts are up for the challenge. We approach each problem with the wisdom of our past and the enthusiasm of your future, and create a product that is not only state-of-the-art but is also the perfect solution to your problem.

Our Expert Services: ​​​

  • Web-based Business Solutions

  • Website Design and Development

  • Social Media Presence

  • iOS and Android App Development

  • Programming User Interfaces

Examples of Programming Languages our Experts know:


  • C# and C++ Programming 

  • Python

  • MySQL

  • R Statistical Language

  • EMME Modelling Framework


Your primary passion is fulfilling the vision of your Organization. We apply a holistic view of the Industry and combine our technical knowhow with your visionary passion to help you get there. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to see the whole picture. We bring together a multidisciplinary perspective on the project because we know it will help us understand the overall situation, and pinpoint a successful way forward. You may have project specific needs or a general need to implement your vision onto your organization. We are the team that will explain the risks, suggest options, and give you an honest and valuable analysis of the situation as we see it. 

Our Expert Services: ​​​

  • Infrastructure Project Management

  • Organizational Structure

  • Leadership and Team Success

  • Project-specific Strategy 

  • RFP and RFQ Drafting

  • Proposals and Procurement

Examples of High Profile Projects our Experts have worked on in their Careers:

  • East Harbor, First Gulf Development Proposal

  • King Street Pilot Project

  • SmartTrack Concept Refinement

  • Municipal Development Charges Background Study


A consulting firm that bridges the gap between analytical rigour and strategic vision to create complete solutions that provide real and tangible value. We are more than just about profit. We care about the Community and take a lot of pride in our pro-bono work. Get in touch with us to understand why we are different.


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