2019 Elections Canada

Digital Presence Offer

Partnership Proposal for Impact Public Relations

This proposal outlines a partnership offer from Nikolov Group to Impact Public Affairs for digital presence related matters as part of the Elections 2019 season. Nikolov saw a great working relationship with Impact as part of the Canada Career Month efforts and is proud of the type of work Impact is able to produce. As such, instead of working as sole agents for Candidates for the Elections 2019 season, as we did in the Elections 2018 season, we would like to propose a partnership that allows us to take advantage of each others' strengths and receive cost-savings in the process.


We believe our value-added is related to the creation and management of strong digital presence for Candidates. As such, we have outlined a full-service package that allows Nikolov to act as a sub-consultant and be responsible for the online presence of these potential Candidates. This is a preferred scenario for our firm, and as such would like to offer a discounted fee for undertaking the work.

Microsite Services Offer

A new, state-of-the-art microsite, including any required fees.

  • Our team is able to undertake Microsite work in any of the main website-editors, including stand-alone coding work.

  • Our team can help display the content in a truly aesthetic and encapsulating manner by utilizing all of the capabilities available across platforms including the use of hover-boxes, full-window display, and many more.

  • We are also able to create and add code for tools to these microsites for options such as support pledges, event-calendars, and innovative interactive questionnaires on a case-by-case basis.


This service also includes adding and changing the appropriate SEO as well as setting the microsite up with Google Analytics and all other appropriate visitor-analytics tools to allow for data-digging, visitor-insights, and tracking of behavior on the microsite.

  • Many of the tools we have access to gather information based on location, type of device, reference source, gender and many more.


In addition, our offer includes 8 hours of support to account for any assistance or updates to content/functionality after the initial design is launched.


$1,400 + HST (flat fee)

Complete Site Services Offer

A new, state-of-the-art website including hosting and a dedicated e-mail account.

  • Our team is able to undertake work in any of the main website-editors, including stand-alone coding work.

  • Includes capacity to receive Donations

  • Includes options for public outreach such as blogs and member portals

  • Includes Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, and the setup of any other appropriate analytics toolset that allows for insights on visitors and their behaviors throughout the site. Many of the tools we have access to collect information on location, type of device, reference source, gender, and many more.

$1,850 + HST (flat fee)

Creation of a wide range of public engagement tools

  • Examples of tools include support pledges, event calendars, and interactive questionnaires.


Full-service of any and all website-related questions, inquiries, and necessary updates for the length of the election campaign.

  • Includes bi-weekly reports on insights gathered from visitor analytics.

$300 + HST per month

A Few Examples of Work Completed

Our Digital Presence team has been involved in a wide range of digitalization projects across Canada. Through that, we have gained the appropriate skills and experience not only to create incredible products but to do so in a manner that grabs the attention of Canadians and allows them to interact. 


Below we present just a few relevant examples of work done for private firms, not-for-profits, and pan-Canadian organizations that our team has completed.