State-of-the-art digital presence, customized for your specific context.

Because most people today make their decisions on the basis of online presence.

Aesthetically functional digital tools that exude confidence to every one of your visitors.

The Canadian marketplace has quickly adopted the digital sphere. Many consumers now make their decision on a vendor by first searching through the digital sphere for past experiences, overall confidence, and quality of service. As this phenomenon continues to take hold, organizations are ever-more responsible for ensuring that their digital presence properly portrays the quality and confidence of their work.


At Nikolov, we ensure that your digital presence becomes your strength instead of liability by focusing on the following principles:

Digital presence is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization has a unique need, and requires a unique solution. 

Special care must be put in the aesthetics of any digital presence, ensuring it exudes the required tone, feeling, and uniqueness.

The best digital tools are those that hit the necessary target, both in which audience they capture and in meeting required performance measures.

A good digital presence fits like a puzzle piece in the overall strategy of the Organization. It becomes a large asset and boosts its reach and effectiveness to new levels.

How do we create state-of-the-art digital tools that work?

Understand the Context

The first step in every design is listening and understanding what is needed to solve the required problem. Every situation is unique and needs to be looked at carefully.

Outline the Needs

Once we know the context, we outline what sort of digital tools or services are necessary to reach your ultimate vision. We offer a full set of services to fulfill any need you may have, including:


  • Website Design and Content Optimization

  • Interactive Online Campaigns

  • Digital Business Tools (stores, booking, etc)

  • Programming custom digital tools

  • SEO Optimization and Google Analytics

  • Social Media Strategy Design

  • Survey Design and Data Collections

  • Customer Relationship Management 

Context-specific Design of Tools

At this point, our Team is aware of what is needed to solve the problem, and how it will fit within your context. The way we undertake the design of the tools or services is in a collaborative manner with you. By keeping you in the loop as our design takes shape, we ensure that we are heading towards exactly what you want to see at the end.

Post-Launch Support

With the digital tool created and successfully launched, our Team does not disappear. Instead, we stay around for a period of time, providing you with tutorials, assistance, or general advice on how to fully utilize and take advantage of the new power that you have gained with the digital presence.




Let's talk further.

If you think your digital presence could be better, and that we could help, please use the form on the right to reach out! Our first step is to simply talk about what you have and what additional tools could be useful.

Helping organizations reach their ultimate vision in the digital sphere is our passion.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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