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Our customized Digital Presence Program for Canadian Towns

Because Canadians are adapting to the digital world, and your Residents deserve the best online spaces.

Are you taking full advantage of your digital space?

As more of our world shifts to the Digital World, the necessity for Municipalities to maintain a strong online presence is becoming monumental. Residents now want easy-to-use access to critical information, tools to ask questions and receive answers, modern online places that they can use on numerous devices, and the capacity to feel like part of a community.

We pride ourselves on offering a program that does not just blindly create digital spaces but rather works alongside our partners to find exactly what is needed to meet the needs of their Residents, and then produces high-quality work that does exactly that.

No more beginner sites. No more starter deals.

A state-of-the-art digital presence at a starter price.

How do we create a great digital presence?

The only way to create a state-of-the-art digital presence is to listen to the people that it represents. What you may consider a perfect website is different from someone else. There is no one-fit-all solution. There is no "beginner site" solution. The way we create state-of-the-art digital presence is by listening and reacting to your goals. You know what your Town is all about. You know what your Residents most need. We are here to help you reach those goals in the best manner possible.

Learn about you, your Municipality, what it currently has to offer and how it can improve.

This is a critical step as it allows us to find the gaps, and identifies where we need to focus our attention.

In this step, we thoroughly review your entire digital presence (not just your site) to find out what's working and what's not. Is there anything missing, is there anything that needs to be simplified? We ask these questions early so that we can identify what services or products may be needed, and create a Design Strategy that delivers.

At this step, we employ an iterative and collaborative approach in which we work together with you to create the digital tools needed to improve your digital presence and make it something to be proud of! Why work together? Because our experience has shown that it is only by having you come along for the ride that we can create a tool that directly matches your vision.

With your digital presence successfully updated, our Team does not disappear. Instead, we stay around for a period of time, providing you with tutorials, assistance, general advice on how to fully utilize and take advantage of the new power, as well as help you functionalize the different components. As with every other one of our relationships, you are more than the client. You are a partner we want to see succeed.

Service by:

Our New Brunswick Specific Price-list

Step 1: Phone Consultation and Assessment


This is where we understand who you are, what your organization is about, and how it is that our Program could help you. We love hearing about your work, so we hope you set up a call with us! 


A new or re-designed state-of-the-art website

(full service)


  • Includes design, hosting and content optimization

  • Includes post-design support to ensure full utilization of website potential.
  • Options for interactive tools, online stores, online booking systems

  • Options for CRM connections

  • Options for customer outreach tools and member areas

$900 + HST

(special price for NB businesses. Sites valued at 3,500)

I already have a good website but might need...



  • Search Engine Indexing and Analytics setup (including support on visitor reporting on age, location, gender, etc.)


  • Update to Social Media strategy and target group analysis


  • Adding special business tools to my existing site such as online stores, online booking options, blogs, member portals, interactive forms, etc.


  • Support with on-location digital services such as electronic payment systems, digital displays, etc.


  • Assistance with updating and creating a better communication strategy to take full advantage of my strong digital presence 


Case by Case

(with discounts applied for clients of this program)


Examples of Our Work

Nikolov's Digital Presence team has been involved in a wide range of digitalization projects across Canada. They expect to bring all of the skills they have picked up to produce the same high-quality work that they have done for each of their clients to this Program. The bar is high for Nikolov's team, and they will not stop until they have met your ideal expectations for your specific digital presence


Below we present just a few relevant examples of work done for private firms, not-for-profits, and pan-Canadian organizations that Nikolov's team is responsible for.


Let's talk further.

If you think this is a Program that you could take advantage of, please contact us to set a time for your free-of-charge assessment. This will help both of us understand if this Program can be of help to your business, and how it can work.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Our "Fine" Print


Please note that this is a program that is specifically for New Brunswick businesses with the scope of assisting them with a new or re-designed digital presence as per the Program standards. All services included in the Program have been clearly outlined in the offer above, and any requirements above and beyond those services will be deemed outside of the scope of this Program. As such, Nikolov reserves the unconditional right to deny this program-specific service to any and all candidates that are found to not match those parameters.